The  Quilt on a Rug departs from the rest of the “Quilt in a ….”
product line and not just in the preposition. Like the others, Quilt
on a Rug is both fun and functional but this baby is different in
several ways. First, she does not require sewing. This is a kit
which includes all of the essentials for the rug except for the
fabric. Finally, this is not a project to be completed as quickly as
some of the others. However, the payoff for the extra time required
is a rug that adds to your home décor and can remain underfoot
for more years than your children.
Quilt on a Rug KITS are $55 plus shipping
To Order, please contact us by
Email -
Phone - 318-247-9725
Note: Kit includes: Foundation Fabric; Glue; Sandpaper;
Brushes (2);Hemming tape; and, of course, the Directions.