The Quilt in a Clock is another member of the “Quilt
in a……” family of fun projects.   It might be ironic that
a project that can be finished in such a short time
results in a timeless preservation of the quilter’s art.  
This is a great way to try out that special square that
you love so much but which is too involved for you to
make an entire large quilt.

The finished clocks are 12 inches square and make
great gifts for anyone who would appreciate
something made by hand with an incredible personal
touch. The kit includes both (2) acrylic pieces, the
clock motor, mounting kit, hands, batting and
directions to complete the "Star" design shown.  All
you need to provide is the fabric and some time.  
Even the battery is included.
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Quilt in a Clock Kits are
8 plus shipping.