Here is another great way to show off some of your most creative
and favorite quilt squares. They stay protected by the
clear acrylic
 (approximately 14" x 10") that has been formed so that the
"Quilt" is encased front and back and held securely in place by the
metal clip. In turn, the spring loaded clip holds writing paper,
order forms, or any other documents needing a flat, hard writing

Whether you use it at work, where it will brighten even the most
boring jobs, or at a Quilt Guild meeting to take notes while your
fellow quilters take notice (with some envy for sure) you’ll grin
with every stroke of the pen.  Be the first quilter on your block to
show off your own block of color and design. This is a great gift
whether presented as a kit to a fellow quilter or as one of your
own creations to someone special. The kit comes with everything
you need except for the fabric. Included are the acrylic sheet, clip,
binding screws, foundation fabric, batting and, of course,
Note to Guilds and Shops
The Quilt in a Clipboard project works well for a half-day
class. It lends itself well to most any modality from basic
piecing to the most involved block designs. Embroidery,
digitizing, applique' and countless fancy stitches can be
incorporated into the design. Participants leave with a finished
project to show off their new-found skills. And it is useful!

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Quilt in a Clipboard
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