The new "Quilt on a Chair" differs from the rest of our "Quilt in a ....."
product line and  not just in the preposition.  
This is a pattern only, so there
is no chair and no fabric in the directions envelope. You get to provide those,
thus leaving the choice of colors and patterns entirely up to you. That makes
this a truly original creation.  The pattern will usher you to your seat, guiding
you every step of the way. It allows you to have unlimited fun creating your
un-reserved seating. There will be no need for name cards at your next
sewing circle. Everyone will have their own personal seat.
Quilt on a Chair Patterns are
$10 plus shipping
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Note to Guilds and Shops
The Quilt on a Chair project works well for a
full-day class. It lends itself well to most any
modality from basic piecing to the most involved
block designs. Embroidery, digitizing, applique' and
countless fancy stitches can be incorporated in the
seat-sized block. Participants leave with a finished
project to show off their new-found skills. And it is

If you are interested in scheduling a class on this
or any of the many other topics or projects that
Dianne teaches, call
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