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        Dad's Diamonds
  Finished Size – 57 x 76 ½

I got the idea for this quilt design from a pair of Argyle socks that I began knitting for my
Dad many years ago.  He was so excited that I was making them for him.  He would
have worn them on the outside of his shoes to show them off – if I had just finished
them.  My plan was to finish this quilt so maybe I can get over my guilt for not finishing
the socks.  I think my Dad would be proud.

Ingredients:  Most of the fabrics needed for this quilt are scraps. In addition to the
fabrics you will need twelve Quilt Smart 38” Lone Star panels (enough to make a total
of 23 diamonds). The Quilt Smart comes in pairs so you will need 12 sets.

The KIT includes the Quilt Smart Panels and muslin. And, of course, the pattern